An Overview Of Your Fuel Delivery Service

If your business relies on industrial equipment for production, that equipment needs to run smoothly. Learn about upkeep and maintenance.

An Overview Of Your Fuel Delivery Service

30 July 2021
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By having your heating oil delivered on a routine basis, you will always be supplied with plenty of fuel to keep your home warm and will avoid increased surcharges that may be imposed during emergency refills. Use the following guidelines to aid you with your fuel delivery service.

Access To The Fuel Tank

After becoming a customer of a local fuel supplier, you should make note of the date and potential timeframe in which your initial fuel purchase will be delivered. A large, long hose is used to transport fuel from a heating oil truck to a tank.

The type of terrain that the tank is installed on may make it difficult for a driver to park their vehicle right next to the intake valve where the fuel will be added. Instead, the driver may park their vehicle near the end of your driveway and unroll the hose, prior to traversing your property on foot.

Provide clear access to the tank by keeping your yard clean and using snow removal practices throughout the winter. If your tank is enclosed in a gate that locks, unlock the enclosure and open the gate.

Clear Residence Directions And A Marked Address

Fuel deliveries are made in populated and remote areas. If you own a new home or if you have purchased a home that previously did not use heating oil as a fuel source, providing clear directions is essential in making sure that your oil deliveries are conducted efficiently. Use signage to mark your address. If a delivery is going to be made in the evening, turn on lighting that provides visibility to the area around the tank. 

Your Delivery Agreement And Fuel Costs

Your oil delivery agreement will involve pre-paying for oil, paying upon receipt of delivery, or paying a set amount each month. Some oil companies encourage their customers to take advantage of lower oil prices that may be offered during the warmest months of the year.

During the spring and summer, many home and business owners do not need to heat up their residences or facilities and may rely upon cooling equipment instead. Due to the lowered demand, oil prices may drop considerably. Take advantage of cost savings if you would like to purchase your oil in advance and be certain that you won't be dealing with an unexpected jump in price once the cold weather has settled in.

Talk to a heating oil delivery service to schedule your delivery.

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