4 Things Every Room in Your New Hotel Should Be Stocked With

If your business relies on industrial equipment for production, that equipment needs to run smoothly. Learn about upkeep and maintenance.

4 Things Every Room in Your New Hotel Should Be Stocked With

25 January 2019
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As a new hotel owner, you likely want to do all you can to make your guests comfortable and ensure success for your business in the coming years. Stocking each of your rooms with the following items should help you get the job done.

Extra Towels

Reduce the workload for your maids and enhance convenience for your hotel guests by making sure that each room is stocked with at least one extra set of towels. Guests tend to ask for extra towels every time they take a shower or use the swimming pool because they know they don't have to worry about washing them later, so chances are that your maids will have to stop what they're doing to handle special towel requests from guests throughout the day if the rooms aren't already stocked with extra towels. And since you'll be providing plenty of clean towels for guests to use, you can charge them an extra service fee if they want to request even more towels during their stay.

An Entertainment Package

A great way to make your hotel stand out from the competition is to include a free entertainment package in each of your hotel rooms. You can still rent movies out to guests to make an extra income from their stays, but it wouldn't hurt to stock each room with a movie or two for free. In addition to a couple of free movies, stock a shelf with a small selection of books and current magazines. Top it off with a free morning newspaper upon request. Guests are sure to appreciate the extra value that their free entertainment package adds to their stay.

A Neighborhood Guide

Make sure that your guests can easily get around the community during their stay by leaving a neighborhood guide in their rooms to make use of. Fill a plastic three-ring binder with printed menus of local restaurants, a neighborhood map, and fliers for stores and attractions in the area. You can also include a map of the hotel grounds and information about all of the amenities that your hotel has to offer. If there is a swimming pool or workout room onsite, make sure that the facility rules are included in the guide. And instead of creating expensive room service menus for each room, include a printed list of menu options in the guide so it's easy to update and replace as your menu changes.

A Fire Extinguisher

One of the most important things you can stock each room in your hotel with is a fire extinguisher. While you should expect guests to be careful while spending time in their rooms, a forgotten candle or incense stick could wreak havoc if a fire extinguisher is not readily available. Don't count on your guests to act quickly enough to alert you and the fire department when a fire breaks out.

And don't wait for the fire alarm to alert you of a fire, because it could be too late to avoid damage being done. If a fire extinguisher and clear instructions on how to use it are included in each room, your guests will be able to act fast and put small fires out before they get out of control.

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