What To Look For To Find A Qualified Dealer Of Military Fasteners

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What To Look For To Find A Qualified Dealer Of Military Fasteners

14 February 2017
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Military contractors who create equipment and machinery have no room for error. They need hardware and parts that meet military standards. This standard is known as mil-spec, which means the parts meet military specification. Military fasteners are hardware that is needed for repairing and creating equipment in the government, defense, marine, shipbuilding, and nuclear industries.

It is important to find a manufacturer that can provide you with qualified products. You are working on equipment that is used by the military, which can mean life and death. Read on to find out how to find a qualified dealer of military fasteners.

Provides Identifiers For Products

A qualified manufacturer of military certified fasteners use identifiers with their products. Aircraft hardware are identified by either a trade name or specification number. Rivets and threaded fasteners are identified by a military standard number, national aircraft standard number, or an Air Force/Navy number. Quick-release fasteners are categorized by size designation or a factory trade name. You should know the specification number before making a purchase.

Comes With Manufacturers' Certification

If you are ordering mil-spec equipment, then it should come with a certification. Qualified manufacturers will provide you with certification without you even asking for one. If the manufacturer has a hard time producing a certification, then this is a sign to move on.

Can Special Order Parts

There is a possibility that the manufacturer may not have want you want in the store. However, he or she should be able special order parts for customers. If not, the person is probably the middle man. On the other hand, if you are ordering online and cannot find what you want, then you should contact the manufacturer directly. The item may not be listed on the website.

It helps that a manufacturer makes it possible to for potential customers to contact their company for more information. If it is hard to reach a company, then it takes longer to get orders. You should also have the opportunity to talk to a salesperson. Many contractors have questions and want to make sure they are getting the right hardware. The salesperson should be knowledgeable about the products as well.

As a military contractor, you are required to meet the exact standards of your customers. This hardware and equipment is used for projects in the military and aeronautical industries. For these reasons, you must find parts and hardware that has been tested and meets the standard of the military. After you find a qualified manufacturer, you can save by buying your supplies in bulk quantities. Contact a company like Milcom Supply & Manufacturing Inc. to learn more.

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