Benefits Of A Heated Hose

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Benefits Of A Heated Hose

13 February 2017
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When it comes to outdoor water hoses, the most important thing to remember is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Sure, you're probably familiar with the fact that you can get hoses in varying lengths and material options, but that's not all. You can also take advantage of a heated hose. During the winter, this feature can be especially beneficial.

What Is A Heated Hose?

You're probably wondering what exactly is a heated hose. Well, as its name suggests, it is a water hose that can heat the water as it flows through it. It's important to understand that the overall purpose of this type of hose is not to heat the water per se, such as to make it hot, but to instead keep it from freezing.

If you live in a climate that experiences frigid temperatures during the winter, without a heated hose, you won't have access to an outdoor water source. However, the heat generated from this hose can keep the water flowing, no matter how cold it is outside. Simply plug the unit into a power source and the heated water is delivered.

Heated Hose Advantages

Here are just some of the reasons you should consider investing in this piece of equipment for your home.

Drinking Water Safe – One of the greatest things about heated hoses is that you can purchase a unit that is made for drinking water. These specially rated hoses are designed with lead and chemical free materials that allow you to safely deliver drinking water from a clean source. In an emergency, this benefit is especially critical.

Flexible Storage – Some people are under the impression that the hose must be stored inside in a temperature controlled area, for it to function correctly. However, this is not the case. The insulation inside the hose allows it to work in any type of environment. This is true even if the hose is lying in a pile of snow, leaving you without any storage restrictions.

Portable Usage - You can also use a heated hose wherever you need to. Whether you want to use the hose at home or while you're away camping in your RV, if you have access to a water and power source, you can use your heated hose. When you're out in the cold on a camping trip, this is a plus.

Don't overlook this addition to your home. When you need water, the cold weather shouldn't be a barrier. A heated hose can help deliver your water needs, no matter the weather.

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