Tips for Moving Warehouse Items

If your business relies on industrial equipment for production, that equipment needs to run smoothly. Learn about upkeep and maintenance.

Tips for Moving Warehouse Items

13 January 2017
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When you work in a warehouse or some other industrial setting, you will likely have to move items around from place to place. A lot of the time, these items, such as large bins or stacks of pallets, can be extremely heavy. Fortunately, if you have good industrial moving equipment, moving these heavy items is made easier. Even with the right equipment,though, you do want to take steps to protect yourself and to ensure that you are moving items safely and correctly.

Ask for Help When Needed

First things first, if you encounter an item or items that are too heavy to lift, do not be afraid to ask others in your workplace for help with lifting and carrying. A lot of times people feel embarrassed about asking for help, but really, getting help is a lot better than hurting yourself.

Having two people (or more) to lift and transport heavy items makes it so much easier and safer, so definitely get over any awkwardness you have about asking for help.

Proper Packing Is Key

Another thing you will want to keep in mind is that lifting and transporting boxed items is a lot easier if they are properly packed.

When items are correctly packed, there are no loose materials bouncing around in the box since this can cause problems with balance and lead to tipping and other problems.

Furthermore, boxes should be taped and fully closed to prevent anything falling out or causing injury during transport.

If you are in charge of packing items, be sure to do so safely and correctly, and if you are lifting packed items, check the package before lifting to help improve safety.

Wear Protective Gear

In your workplace, there are (hopefully) good safety standards in place. Obviously, you should follow all of these standards carefully to help protect yourself and others.

However, there is certainly nothing wrong with going the extra mile when it comes to protective gear. In addition to any protective clothing you are required to wear, consider wearing a back brace and/or a shoulder strap device to help take weight off of your back and make moving heavy items easier and safer.

The back can easily be injured or "thrown out" when you're lifting heavy items, so anything that you can do to protect it is smart.

If you can follow these tips and commit yourself to workplace safety, you should stay protected in your place of employment

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