A Few Tips For Packaging Food For The Health-Conscious Market

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A Few Tips For Packaging Food For The Health-Conscious Market

13 January 2017
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If you're starting a new business selling healthy foods such as organic snacks, one big decision you have to make is how to package them. You'll not only want to take the usual steps of sealing the food to protect it, but you'll also want to keep the concerns of your target market of health-conscious consumers in mind. Here are a few suggestions to consider when designing your food packages.

Go With Glass

Ultimately, the package you choose depends a lot on the food item. If it is something that could be packaged in a can or plastic container, you might want to go with glass instead. Health-minded people are concerned about BPA in plastic containers today. BPA is also in cans as is aluminum, and both of these substances have been linked to health problems. While glass is more expensive and much more fragile, it is appealing to a certain niche of consumers. As an added plus, it allows your food product to be visible.

Use Informative Labels

Depending on the food product and your location, you may or may not be required to label the food products with nutritional information and other details. Health-conscious buyers want to know exactly what is in the food they buy. Even if your locale doesn't require informative labeling, it is a good idea to do so. Let the buyer know every ingredient in your food as well as the nutritional breakdown. Also, you want to label the food as organic or non-GMO if it is, because these are words that attract your buying market.

Select Safe Packaging

One of the most important parts of choosing packaging for your food is to pick something that makes the buyer feel safe. A box or bag that is completely sealed eliminates the risk of product tampering. Plus, aseptic boxes and sealed containers keep out bacteria and other forms of contamination. Stamping the container with the packaging date is important too, so the buyer knows the food is fresh. All of these steps can be automated when you use a food packaging company to pack your products for you. If you plan to market your product statewide or nationwide, you'll save a lot of work and worry by letting a company package your food. They already have the machinery in place for packaging and labeling any type of container you may want, and they do it in a sanitary way that protects your customers.

Another thing you don't want to overlook when it comes to food packaging is the graphic design itself. You want colors, graphics, and text that grabs the eye and conveys the message that your product is healthy, safe to buy, and delicious too. For more information, contact local professionals like KNF FLEXPAK Corporation.

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